”Hietsun Paviljonki”

/ 2015 /
/ finished / click here for: site photos
/ public building / community center / refurbishment /

/ Hietaranta beach, Helsinki, Finland / 1950 m³ /

Design in collaboration with architects Tristan Hughes and Lennart Lang


”Hietsu Pavilion is to be a multifunctional space for the city dweller.”


The old changing rooms on Hietaranta beach in the heart of Helsinki are refurbished into a community center. The goal of the center is to further the interaction between citizens, government, NGOs and businesses. Hietsu Pavilion is going to offer affordable spaces for communities, companies and private persons alike. Helsinki City Real Estate Department has agreed on December 12, 2013 to sell the building and rent the site to a nonprofit real estate company formed for the project. The company is a joint venture by neighbourhood association ”Töölö ry” and local newspaper publisher ”Töölöläinen Oy”. The spaces are to be refurbished during 2014-15. Half the rooms are lettable as offices and workspaces which will subvent property maintenance and activities in the community center. The other half works as a multifunctional space warmly welcoming people to participate or host events!

Interested in supporting the project or hosting an event? Please contact: info@hietsunpaviljonki.fi

Funded and supported by:

¤ Finnish Cultural Foundation
¤ Arts Promotion Centre Finland
¤ Anaika Wood Ltd
¤ Ministry of Education and Culture
¤ Ministry of the Environment
¤ City of Helsinki Cultural Office
¤ Finnish Local Heritage Federation
¤ Finnish Cultural Heritage Foundation
¤ Töölöläinen newspaper
¤ Töölö ry – neighbourhood association
¤ Töölö-liike – neighbourhood association
¤ Töölö-Seura ry – neighbourhood association